Product Features

  1. Ring lights can emit light from different angles and highlight three-dimensional information of an object.
  2. The design of the light enclosure enlarges the area for heat transfer. This keeps the device cool and extents its life span.
  3. Diffusers can be selected according to the different requirements of the application.

Selection Guide

Application Cases

  • PCB & plastic containers inspection
  • Electronic components inspection & OCR on integrated circuits
  • Microscope illumination, surface inspection
  • Calibration

Uniformity Chart

Special diffuser is available for a more uniform illumination

Transparent diffuser


Uniformity diffuser


Standard diffuser

Spectrum Chart

Section Structure Drawing

Customization Options

Application Example

Original Image


Result Image

Model Table

Series Model Output (Blue/Green/White) Output (Red) Color
RI 0° Emitting Angle OPT-RI2800 24V/0.5W 24V/0.2W W/R/G/B/UV/IR
RI 0° Emitting Angle OPT-RI3500 24V/1.4W 24V/0.7W W/R/G/B/UV/IR
RI 0° Emitting Angle OPT-RI5000 24V/1.9W 24V/0.7W W/R/G/B/UV/IR
RI 0° Emitting Angle OPT-RI7000 24V/3.2W 24V/1.4W W/R/G/B/UV/IR
RI 0° Emitting Angle OPT-RI9000 24V/6.2W 24V/3.5W W/R/G/B/UV/IR
RI 0° Emitting Angle OPT-RI12000 24V/8W 24V/3.4W W/R/G/B/UV/IR
RI 0° Emitting Angle OPT-RI15000 24V/18W 24V/7W W/R/G/B/UV/IR
RI 15° Emitting Angle OPT-RI5015 24V/3W 24V/1.4W W/R/G/B/UV/IR

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