JCM-V series



Kowa’s new JCM-V Series is designed for use in high vibration and shock environments.
With a design based on Kowa’s standard 2/3” JCM lenses, this new ruggedized megapixel lens series is ideal for applications that require increased durability and high optical performance.

  • Equivalent to 2 megapixels performance
  • Two way reversible nut is utilized instead of thumb
    screws in order to tightly lock the focus adjustment ring in place.
  • Utilizing two way reversible nut contributes to the
    prevention of screw dropping troubles.

Interchangeable Iris Plates

1. The JCM-V series uses interchangeable iris plates instead of mechanical iris diaphragms with moving blades.
You can choose from four iris plates to adjust the F-stop.

Focus Adjustment Procedure

2. Unscrew the bottom ring of the outside body to adjust the focus to optimal position.

3. Screw the red two way reversible nut on the center body towards the bottom ring to lock in the focus.




Model 4/3 1.1 1 1/1.2 2/3 1/1.8 1/2 1/3 Focal Length Iris Range (F-stop) Focusing Range (m) Mount Field Angle (H×V) Size (mm)(∞)
LM5JCM-V 5 F2.8/F4/F5.6/F8 0.1〜∞ C 82.4×66.9 Φ43×38.1
LM8JCM-V 8 F1.4/F4/F8/F16 0.1〜∞ C 56.5×43.9 Φ33×41.6
LM12JCM-V 12 F1.4/F4/F8/F16 0.15〜∞ C 38.3×29.1 Φ33×37
LM16JCM-V 16 F1.4/F4/F8/F16 0.2〜∞ C 30.0×22.7 Φ33×36.5
LM25JCM-V 25 F1.4/F4/F8/F16 0.2〜∞ C 19.6×14.8 Φ33×39.5
LM35JCM-V 35 F2/F4/F8/F16 0.2〜∞ C 14.4×10.8 Φ33×38.8
LM50JCM-V 50 F2.8/F4/F8/F16 0.2〜∞ C 9.6×7.2 Φ33×56.2

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