JC 10M series



  • 200lp/mm center resolution and low distortion maximize performance of high-end inspection.
  • Incorporating Kowa’s wide-band multi-coating and floating mechanism system, the JC10M lens series greatly reduces chromatic aberration from close distance to infinity and maintains a hightransmission from visible to NIR.
  •  Short minimum object distance and compact design using aspherical lenses (5 models/f=5~25mm) allow for easy installation in compact machine vision systems.


Model 4/3 1.1 1 1/1.2 2/3 1/1.8 1/2 1/3 Focal Length Iris Range (F-stop) Focusing Range (m) Mount Field Angle (H×V) Size (mm)(∞)
LM5JC10M 5 F1.8〜F16 0.1〜∞ C 82.2×66.5 Φ48×59.4
LM8JC10M 8.5 F1.8〜F22 0.1〜∞ C 54.0×41.9 Φ36×56
LM12JC10M 12 F1.8〜F11 0.1〜∞ C 39.1×29.8 Φ33×53.5
LM16JC10M 16 F1.8〜F16 0.1〜∞ C 30.0×22.7 Φ33×47.5
LM25JC10M 25 F1.8〜F16 0.1〜∞ C 20.0×15.1 Φ33×45.5
LM35JC10M 35 F2.0〜F16 0.1〜∞ C 14.3×10.8 Φ43×49
LM50JC10M 50 F2.8〜F16 0.1〜∞ C 10.1× 7.6 Φ38×77

◇ : Suitable

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