Industrial Camera

VEN-U3 Series


DAHENG IMAGING’s VENUS series board level cameras are mainly designed for vision applications that require small space, low weight, low power consumption and low heat generation. Due to the specificity of applications, existing cameras are unable to meet their requirements. But VENUS series can, so whatever challenges you may be facing with your machine vision system, please contact us, individual solutions will be customized for you. The following kinds of sensors will be available for the board level camera.


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Model Resolution
Frame Rate
Pixel Size
Sensor Size
Interface Type Lens Mount
VEN-134-90U3M-D NIR 1.3 90 4.8 1/2 USB3 Vision C-mount
VEN-134-90U3M/C-D 1.3 90 4.8 1/2 USB3 Vision C-mount

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