Industrial Camera



Ultra-small USB3.0 industry digital camera

The MERCURY2 USB3.0 series (MER2-U3-L) camera is DAHENG IMAGING’s new generation area scan industrial digital camera, featuring outstanding performance, compact design and extremely low noise.

The MER2-1220-32U3M/C-L camera is a monochrome/color USB3 Vision camera with the Sony IMX226 CMOS sensor. Thanks to the compact design (29mm×29mm×29mm), robust metal housings and locking screw connectors, the MERCURY2 cameras can secure the reliability of cameras deployed in harsh environments.

The MER2-1220-32U3M/C-L camera is powered over the USB interface. Compared to the MER2-1220-32U3M/C, the MER2-1220-32U3M/C-L has no I/O interfaces, so it is more light and handy. The camera has an outstanding price/performance ratio.

The MERCURY2 family cameras are especially suitable for machine vision applications such as industrial inspection, medical, scientific research, education, security and so on.


  • USB3.0 interface with 12-bit or 8-bit Mono/Bayer output
  • Programmable ROI, increased frame rate with partial scan
  • Gain, exposure and white balance programmable (white balance only for color models)
  • Support auto gain, auto exposure and auto white balance (auto white balance only for color models)
  • Two acquisition controls: Continuous acquisition/ Software trigger acquisition
  • Flash sync for firing external lights at precisely the moment when exposure is performed
  • Adjustable URB
  • Storable user sets
  • Robust full metal housing and optional lockable devices
  • Compatible with GenICam™ and USB3 Vision®, support 3rd-party software such as HALCON, MERLIC and LabVIEW
  • Optimized software package for 32/64bit Windows, and support Linux, Android, ARMv7 and ARMv8
  • Multiple samples and easy-to-integrate SDK for various programming tools
  • Regulations: CE, RoHS, GenICam, USB3 Vision


Spectral Response

MER2-1220-32U3M-L Spectral Response

MER2-1220-32U3C-L Spectral Response

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